Artist Bio

Born 1977 in Los Angeles, Jeannine Emmett began her love affair with painting at a very early age. Her father, John Reinwald - an architect and talented artist, recognized an artistic aptitude in his daughter and fostered it by providing enrichment activities both at home and outside and did so until his death in 1989. She went on to study fine art and architecture at Santa Monica College with aspirations to become a Landscape architect. Subsequently, she was offered a position working for a well known musician as his landscape designer. This opportunity took her away from being able to continue her full time course of study, but she was still able to take various art courses at Otis College of Art and Design.


She eventually made it back to studying landscape architecture at UCLA. From there she applied her artistic talents to her profession as a Landscape Designer. In 2011 Jeannine decided to take a break from career in order to bring some needed balance, and that is when she decided to pick up her brushes again. With the support and encouragement from family, friends, and that knowing that Divine guidance is present in this, she decided to pursue her passion for painting full time.


Now as an emerging artist in Los Angeles, Jeannine is becoming more widely known for her unique voice and contemporary take on traditional landscape and figurative painting. Her technique is a process of action and reaction, resulting in many layers of paint and achieving an overall sense of color harmony. She is a consummate colorist, mixing many of her paints directly on the canvas.



Artist Statement


Whether I am working with a still life, the human figure, or a landscape, I am always fascinated by texture, form, color, value and light, which I use in expressing how I feel about what I see.  This wonderful freedom allows my work to flow from representational to impressionistic to minimalist to abstraction. My work is continually changing, challenging and always a passionate delight. It is always my intention to engage the canvas honestly, and boldly. It's my soul's language. It's always pushing my work to find new voice in expressing what I see and the feelings that are produced from that. The result is not just an intellectual study for me, it is a spiritual one………. always open for new realizations of God's creation and beauty... always grateful for His inspiration.


Exploring the subtle shift in color and value, composition, the quality and attitude of a line, as well as various materials and subjects will always fascinate and be tools for me. It is my goal to draw the viewer into my space, see it through my eyes, yet at the same time, let them become involved in their own personal journey and discovery of the work... The ultimate reward for me is to communicate something new to the viewer. 

Painting is my commitment, my calling and my fulfillment.